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In press

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Cole, S. R., in press. Hierarchical controls on extinction selectivity across the diplobathrid crinoid phylogeny. Paleobiology, , .
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Cole, S. R., Ausich, W. A. and Wilson, M. A., in press. A Hirnantian holdover from the Late Ordovician mass extinction: phylogeny and biogeography of a new anthracocrinid crinoid from Estonia. Papers in Palaeontology, , .

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Sumrall, C. D., Heredia, S., Rodríguez, C. M., and Mestre, A. I., in press. The first report of South American edrioasteroids and the paleoecology and ontogeny of rhenopyrgid echinoderms. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, , .

Thompson, J. R., Mirantsev, G. V., Petsios, E. and Bottjer, D. J., in press. Phylogenetic analysis of the Archaeocidaridae and Palaeozoic Miocidaridae (Echinodermata, Echinoidea) and the origin of crown group echinoids. Papers in Palaeontology, , .


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