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Lloyd, G. T., Smith, A. B., Young, J. R. and Pearson, P. N., 2009. Comparing land-based and deep-sea rock and fossil records of microplankton for bias in diversity patterns. TMS The Foraminifera and Nannofossil Groups' Joint Spring Meeting. Zurich, Switzerland. Abstracts (incl. Programme), p47.


Lloyd, G. T., Davis, K. E., Pisani, D., Tarver, J. E., Ruta, M., Sakamoto, M., Hone, D. W. E., Jennings, R. & Benton, M. J., 2008. Dinosaurs and the Cretaceous Terrestrial Revolution. Palaeontological Association Newsletter [Abstracts], 69, 64.
     Abstract Volume (PDF; off-site)
     Poster (PDF; 2.5 Mb)


Lloyd, G. T., 2006. Can palaeobiogeography explain low rates of morphological evolution in 'living fossil' lungfish? Programme, Palaeogeography and Palaeobiogeography: Biodiversity in Space and Time, p20.
     Abstract Volume (html)
     Poster (PDF; 4.9 Mb)


Lloyd, G. T., 2005. Rates of morphological evolution and 'living fossils'. Palaeontological Association Newsletter [Abstracts], 60, 48.


Lloyd, G. T. and Benton, M. J., 2004. Difficulty in identifying mass extinctions amongst tetrapods (Late Permian - Early Jurassic). Palaeontological Association Newsletter, 57, 162.

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