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Gaubert, P., Antunes, A., Meng, H., Miao, L., Peigne, S., Justy, F., Njiokou, F., Dufour, S., Danquah, E., Alahakoon, J., Verheyen, E., Stanley, W. T., O'Brien, S. J., Johnson, W. E. and Luo, S.-J., 2018. The complete phylogeny of pangolins: scaling up resources for the molecular tracing of the most trafficked mammals on Earth. Journal of Heredity, 2018, 347-359.


Kondrashov, P. and Agadjanian, A. K., 2012. A nearly complete skeleton of Ernanodon (Mammalia, Palaeanodonta) from Mongolia: morphofunctional analysis. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 32, 983-1001.
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Gaudin, T. J., Emry, R. J. and Wible, J. R., 2009. The phylogeny of living and extinct pangolins (Mammalia, Pholidota) and associated taxa: a morphology based analysis. Journal of Mammalian Evolution, 16, 235-305.
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Rose, K. D. and Lucas, S. G., 2000. An Early Paleocene palaeanodont (Mammalia, ?Pholidota) from New Mexico, and the origin of Palaeanodonta. Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, 20, 139-156.

Last updated 6th April 2011.