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In press

Ma, J.-Y., Taylor, P. D., Xia, F.-S. and Zhan, R.-B., in press. The oldest known bryozoan: Prophyllodictya (Cryptostomata) from the lower Tremadocian (Lower Ordovician) of Liujiachang, south-western Hubei, central China. Palaeontology, , .


Herrera-Cubilla, A. and Jackson, J. B. C., 2014. Phylogeny of genus Cupuladria (Bryozoa, Cheilostomata) in the Neogene of tropical America. Journal of Paleontology, 88, 851-894.


Adamczyk, A. D. and Pachut, J. F., 2013. Cladistic analysis of the Paleozoic bryozoan families Monticuliporidae and Mesotrypidae. Journal of Paleontology, 87, 635-649.


Jimenez-Sanchez, A., Anstey, R. L. and Azanza, B., 2010. Description and phylogenetic analysis of Iberostomata fombuenensis new genus and species (Bryozoa, Ptilodictyina). Journal of Paleontology, 84, 695-708.


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